A Snow Day — or 2, or 3 or 4!

WOW! Did I need that break! It started at the end of last week with 14+ inches being dumped on our fair city. My children were so excited for no school and my youngest son couldn’t wait to go out and play in it. Then the weekend came and although the snow was still around, at least the roads were just wet and we were able to get around. Good thing, too, as the next round was coming! Wesley’s team won their basketball game and Jocelyn sold lots of Girl Scout cookies at their booth. (She still has plenty to sell if you need any!) The lines at the stores were unbelievably long with shelves quite empty due to trucks not being able to get through.


Wesley playing in our backyard on Snow Day #2.

With a few days at home, I was able to catch up with my ever-growing to do list. Sleep was my first priority though, and I was able to sleep in until 8 am most days (considering my alarm usually wakes me at 5 am, that’s a nice sleeping in!). After that I worked on getting all of my lesson plans and grading caught up, bookshelves moved and re-stacked in my craft/teacher room, house cleaned, kitchen floor and entry way floor scrubbed, laundry done, did some baking, prepped items for a consignment sale and garage sale for summer, and finally got around to painting the hallway downstairs.

School will be in session tomorrow and I will return with a renewed sense of purpose and less stressed due to an unplanned snow break. God knew what I needed!


Snow Day #4 — The view from my back window of the deck and our backyard. You can’t see the swirling patterns in the drifted snow but you can see how the snow is stuck to the one side of the deck posts due to the fierce winds. My dog wouldn’t even go outside until I’d shoveled a path for him!


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