Reflections Of Another Year Gone By


This chocolate bottle is part of the chocolate village in the Lodge at Keystone.

This chocolate bottle is part of the chocolate village in the Lodge at Keystone.

This past week while I’ve been frolicking in the Rocky Mountains I’ve been reflecting on this past year. It’s been an eventful year with milestones reached by my own children, the end of a challenging classroom, and health issues not only with myself but to others in and out of the family.

When I reviewed my blog post from January 2013 on some views for the new year, I realized I haven’t done too badly. Allow me, if you would, to recap.

1. Continue to build existing relationships. My very special teammates from my old days at another school are my BFFs. We get together once a month and hang out. They are my favorites nights of the entire month and we laugh so hard we cry.

2. Experience life. I’ve been doing so much better at letting things go and enjoying the moment. I’ve watched and actually enjoyed many soccer games, choir concerts and family events for what they are. We have gone to movies together. Played games together. Taken Buddy to the dog park if not as a family, then as a couple, and enjoyed our time together. Ahhhh.

3. Celebrate special events. Hmmm, other than birthday celebrations we didn’t do anything too special this year. In fact, we didn’t even manage our end-of-the-school-year ice cream social due to my parents being out of town and me breaking my foot.

4. Keep myself healthy with exercise. Well, that all came to a screeching halt as of April 28th when I slipped on a step and broke my foot. I was 1 week out from running my 2nd 1/2 marathon, too! Talk about frustrating!  After gaining weight from surgery and immobility for the summer, I am happy to announce that I am not only back running again, but have signed up for not only the 1/2 marathon in May but the FULL (gulp!) marathon in October.  Nothing like a Back-to-Back Challenge to keep you motivated. Yippee!!

5. Keep myself and the family healthy with proper eating. I have tried many new recipes this year to expand our palates and make our diets healthier. Although some are far from successful, there are others that are absolutely delicious and make their way to our regular dinner menus.

6. Financial obligations. In May my 403(b) was fully paid off, the Honda Odyssey fully paid off in October (10 months early!) and I only owe approximately $300 on my student loans. I’d still like more of a cushion in our savings account and that is what I want to focus on for 2014.

7. House projects. These have been quite plentiful this year! I’ve enjoyed working on the basement, wrote about our upstairs bathroom here, and will be posting shortly on my daughter’s room. Next up, finishing the upstairs bath and working on the downstairs bath. Maybe the kitchen for 2014? We’ll see!

8. Vacations.  Keystone was our vacation place of choice this year, not only in summer once I got my cast off but also in November for a quick weekend and this month, too. The hubby and I are going to discuss our plans for 2014 soon as he’d like to go to Dallas.

9. Volunteering. My treasurer duties with Cub Scouts ended when my youngest son finished Webelos II. I am still a Girl Scout and am currently helping my daughter’s troop with their Silver Award Project. Now that my foot is back to normal, the Humane Society will be back on our calendar, too. Hopefully I can resist the urge to come home with another furry friend!

So now what?

Not to cop-out on what I’ve already done, I really think I’ve got some more work to do on my current goals. They’re manageable, specific (not here but definitely in my calendar/agenda) and timely. I always tell my children to put away their techie gadgets and love the ones they’re withI want to continue to experience life FULLY, not take anything for granted, and love and appreciate the ones I’m with. Enough said, don’t you think?

*******************Happy New Year!****************************

Ice sculptures in Lakeside Village.

Ice sculptures in Lakeside Village.


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