A Race to the End & the Beginning

4433 Oz Endurance

3 races in 24 hours offered by Oz Endurance?! Absolutely crazy, right? Yeah, so I signed up for 2 of the 3 instead. Yeah, still crazy. But doing something I enjoy ending one year and beginning a new one sounded FANTASTIC.

Race #1: Run Into the New Year

The race began at 11:45 PM but due to being out-of-town I still needed to pick up my race packet.  Talk about some cool stuff!  A bright, long-sleeve t-shirt and hat along with some new promotional information on upcoming races.

It was a cold, cold night. What do you wear to race in when it’s 21 degrees? I wore an Under Armor base layer, a dry-wicking top, then another dry-wicking top along with a 2 pairs of running tights, a neck-warmer, a hat, mittens, and thick socks. I was freezing until I warmed up with 1/4 mile run prior to the horn and was pretty warm for most of the run except for my cheeks. There was ice on the course with tight corners and it was, unfortunately, a little short of a 5K – 2.91 miles instead of 3.1. My time wasn’t too disappointing considering the ice and cold and the fact that I nearly threw up after I finished. Giving it my all, literally! I came in 2nd in my age group with a time of 24:56.0 (the exact time of my Garmin), missing 1st place by about 13 seconds!!!!

The best part? Seeing the fireworks at midnight, party buses stopping by the river and welcoming in 2016. Such a neat experience! Back at the finish, I received my finisher’s medal, a cookie, water & hot chocolate before I headed home to set my alarm for the next race in just a few short hours!


Race #2: Hangover Half

Yep, a half marathon to start off 2016! I slept in my running clothes since I only had a few hours of sleep before this race.  More cool stuff – another long sleeve T-shirt and a pair of gloves!  Although the sun was out, it was still cold -23 degrees – and there was a lot of ice on the course. I’ll admit, it was a tough race for me. I’d done my training but after my blood donation, stress from the holidays and traveling, it was a struggle. I came in 6th in my age group with a time of 2:06:41. My Garmin said that I only ran 12.94 miles so I had to add some cool-down time to get my miles right for the day.


A selfie at the starting line. Horn went off at 9:00 AM!


All of my goodies – 2 finisher medals, 2 long sleeve t-shirts, a hat, and a pair of gloves!

I had a lot of fun, though, and it was something I’d never done before! Would I do it again? Not sure.  I’ll see what happens when it rolls around again to sign up next year, and how my muscles feel later as they sure are sore at the moment.  For now, I’ll need to decide what race is next!


Saving A Life – 2 or 3 or More!

Strike 2.  Will it be strike 3 today or will we manage to hit the ball?  Daughter and I tried again to visit The American Red Cross to participate in the annual Battle of the Badges blood donation.

A little history:  J has been a Girl Scout since Kindergarten. For her Girl Scout Silver Award, her troop helped the Red Cross and hosted a blood drive. Fast forward to this year when she turned 16 in November, the magical age when you can donate with parental permission. Even better, a blood drive was coming to her school. Yippee! Unfortunately, unbeknownst to us, she was running a low grade fever that day and was unable to donate. Never mind, we’ll go after our Santa Race.  This weekend – Sunday – checked the website and they were open but, alas, when we arrived, it was only for platelets,  not for whole blood donations.

Fast forward to today, our next available day that worked in our schedule when we could try again.


There were quite a few waiting to donate and we had to wait for a bed but, it was a GO! Iron levels, temperatures, and blood pressures were a go for the two of us.  I always pump fast (I had the bed in the corner to right of J so as soon as I was finished, I sat by her bed). It took 3 of them to get the right stick-stubborn vein!


She did great! I’m so proud that she’s doing her part to help save lives. She’s showing how much she believed in her Silver Award Project by her actions today.


Cooper helped us show off our new t-shirts from the Battle of the Badges – we got to vote between EMS, Fire, and Law Enforcement – and our matching red tape. No strenuous activities for us today! Good thing I’d already done with my run!