Fellow Pavement Pounders

Remember how I told you that when I trained for my last marathon that I wouldn’t go through that training solo again?  I wrote about it here.

I can’t tell you how incredibly excited I am about my new running group.  SERIOUSLY. I look forward to Tuesday Night Track, Thursday Night Fun Runs with the Joggers and Lagers, and, of course, my M2 S2F (Start to Finish) fellow long-run partners on Saturday mornings. This group provides motivation, accountability, and absolutely unbelievable support.  I even rejoined Facebook, but only to be a member of this group!

This group high-5’s you even if your hands are sweaty from a run. They don’t mind how bad you smell from running in 90+ degrees weather on a hot July evening and then sitting down for a drink at a local brewhouse. They don’t care if your running clothes don’t match or if your shorts look like you’ve wet your pants from sweating.  This group praises your abilities (or sometimes inabilities, depending on the day!) of just getting out there and running and doing your best. They wonder where you are if you don’t show up to training. If you drop back to take pictures or are having hydration issues, they drop back with you to be sure that you’re okay and safe. We’re training together for a common goal, to complete the Prairie Fire Marathon in October. We are growing stronger with each run, not only with our bodies, but building relationships with fellow pavement pounders who are just as crazy about running.



Day 1 Time Trial Marathon Group – June 11. Photo by Karlee from Fleet Feet Wichita


DIY Photo Canvas = Gorgeous Pic!

I am fortunate that there is talent in our family for photography. When I first saw this picture of my children and one of our dogs, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I had originally posted something similar to my Facebook wall but then, alas, I took my whole account down. Boy was I glad to find something on Pinterest! I checked out this post here to learn how to do it “professionally”. I didn’t have much luck with that part of it, but that’s okay.

So, some black paint ($0.60), a 2-pack of canvases (>$3.00 on sale) and some Mod Podge later (already had), I was all done. It didn’t take very much time at all although I spread it across a couple of days to be sure the mod podge was adequately dried. I added some chevron ribbon that came on a gift ($0) and since I couldn’t find the glue for my hot glue gun, I used my staple gun to attach it. The 5×7 print was approximately $0.78 Site to Store from Walmart so this entire project cost less than $5 (I used my Michael’s coupon as well as my teacher discount.). I then hung it on my bedroom wall. Love, love, love it!! Can’t wait to do it again with another print!

My three children and Cooper.

My three children and Cooper.