Illuminations and an Old Tradition

I think they used to call it The Festival of Lights but it’s evolved over the years from brown bags with plain white candles in an eerie silence to hundreds, if not thousands, of all kinds of  lights, a big screen, Santa, and lights choreographed to music. It used to be a tradition of ours but over the past couple of years,  it had been dropped. Why not try it again this year? Besides, I LOVE Christmas lights!


On the first evening of my Winter Break (because I think ours was the only district in the entire state of Kansas that still had school this week!) and an evening off for my eldest son, we did something as a family with dinner out (Chick-Fil-A) and then came here, to Illuminations, with what seemed like the rest of the entire city. Crowded was a major understatement.


After paying 4 – yes, 4! – adult tickets even though I was there with my 3 children (okay, okay, so they’re 18, 16 and 13), we joined the lines of people viewing the lights. The weather wasn’t bad but there were plenty of cranky people, that’s for sure. You could easily overlook that, though, when you could hear the sweet voice of a little girl singing Let It Go when they saw the Frozen characters  on this humongous screen, small children on the shoulders of their Dads, little babes fast asleep in strollers, and the squeals of delight from wee ones from sheer amazement of what they were seeing.  And we’ll try to forget the area that smelled like an extremely bad case of B.O. although we thought we had identified the individual and avoided him like the plague. Turns out it wasn’t him after all. Whoops! Sorry, Dude!


The hot chocolate in the Children’s Farm area was reasonable ($1 a cup) and absolutely delicious. My youngest was, however, getting annoyed that I kept getting the camera out to take pictures. But even though I’m not the best photographer, I like to take them.


Spazzy look! Daughter wanted us to wear the Santa hats. The eldest son refused. And I’m well aware that my red and green scarf I got from the Santa Run didn’t match the faux leopard Santa hat.


Eyes half closed? Who cares!


My oldest son said that was the worst lighting with the worst background to take a picture. I took it anyway. 🙂 Besides, their red eyes match the red tree and lights. 😉


This area, on the grass by the tables there are some steps by the person wearing red (left side of pic), was where my husband and I exchanged our wedding vows in 1992. It makes me sad to see it now.


Reflections on the water

I had a good time last night seeing the lights, even if it was crowded. I didn’t let my son’s cranky attitude ruin my night. We were all together and doing something as a family. That has to count for something, right? And we can restart or make new traditions on our own as we see fit. Or not. But enjoy life? ABSOLUTELY.