may = one crazy month!

May is an incredibly busy time of year for us. This year it’s been Girl Scout Bridging, Cub Scout Crossover, a band concert, year-end school stuff, our wedding anniversary, and just this week, two graduations/promotions and the last day of school! It feels like some days I’m just running ragged trying to get everything done. Now that my teacher report day is over, my classroom all packed up, and I’m back at home working on my summer to-do list, I can finally exhale.

I love summer as it gives me the time to regroup, get re-energized, work on some home projects that I never have time for during the school year, and spend time with my husband and children. This summer will be no different! June is already busy with camps for all three children and yes, even a meeting day for me that’s school related. Even so, the alarm clock doesn’t necessarily have to be set and I can take my time with my projects. I’ll even blog about them so you can see what I’ve been doing! Ahhhhhhh. . . . summer!

Jocelyn at her bridging ceremony.

Jocelyn and Wesley at the front of their school on the last day of school.

Taylor in his graduation attire at the house before school.

Me and my “graduates” – Jocelyn (now a middle-schooler) and Taylor (now a freshman in high school)!



Now that it’s fall, our Girl Scout troop decided to visit a corn maze at a local church. I took the boys, too, and we enjoyed an evening of tennis ball canons, sling shots, hay rides, and, of course – a maze! The girls insisted on waiting until it was pitch black to enter the maze and we soon figured out that it was a lot harder than it looked! We had a blast, though, and then warmed up with hot chocolate and coffee in the church. Here are a few pics of our evening. (We actually have about 16 girls in our troop this year but only a few made it that night.)

I thoroughly enjoy my volunteer position as a Girl Scout leader!