Lazy Days of Summer?

In looking back at a recent email where the sender had asked what I had been up to this week, I thought long and hard.  What have I been up to this week?  Here it is already Thursday and even though the days seems to pass by in a blur, I couldn’t actually say that I had done much.  Well, I did go to a baseball game with all 3 of my kids on Monday night (hey, $1 tickets through KwikShop, couldn’t pass it up!), ran track night Tuesday night (my awesome running group), church group Wednesday night (DivorceCare), did some baking (banana muffins and brownies – yum!), cleaning, watched the latest episode of Zoo, and finished an entire library book (they’re due on Friday) so I did do something, just not as much as I would usually accomplish.

This morning I made sure I was going to do better than that.

So, I hit the weeds.

This was supposed to have been a vegetable garden.  Although I didn’t seem to get around to it this year.  I meant to.


Instagram caption: “My vegetable garden. Hey, at least the weeds aren’t too crazy – yet! #keepingitreal #haventgottentoityet #notenoughtime

Geesh, it had gotten ridiculously crazy.


A third of it was already weeded by this point. And I had a huge blister on the palm of my right hand to show for it!

The dogs were chasing around a humongous wasp the entire time, which was like, 2 hours in the semi hot sun, that seemed to think I was disturbing its area.  It kept landing on the fence around the garden but, fortunately, never on me!  I never found a nest so hopefully it just moved away but it certainly kept my fur boys busy!


Cooper finally gave in to the heat and wasp chasing and collapsed in the cool earth under the bay window in a section that I hadn’t weeded yet.

I had some potted plants that weren’t fairing too well in the heat, despite the constant watering and their location, so I planted them in this really-next-year-it’ll-be a vegetable-plot.  They’re likely going to die anyway so at least it’ll look nice for a day or two. Okay, I’ll be honest, I’m hoping they’ll last longer than that since it took me so long but I won’t hold my breath. At least my neighbors will be happy not to have to look at the overgrown mess that was there before! (You might be asking why is there an old tire in the garden? I saw somewhere on Pinterest that they made a planter out of it so I thought I’d give it a try. I may regret it later . . . )


The finished product, including the fence, to keep the dogs out of it! Granted, Cooper can jump it in a single bound but it does slow him down.

I worked very hard this morning to accomplish this, then went inside to change clothes and headed to the Y for a treadmill workout with my daughter, who had missed her cross country conditioning this morning (likely on purpose because it was early!).  After getting in my miles (our group run was scheduled for 6 pm tonight, but I haven’t been doing well with the heat/humidity and the heat advisory was brutal today – 108 degrees – so the treadmill had to suffice), a quick drive to MacAlister’s for their free iced tea day (free drinks! Yay!), lunch at home, then preparing for book club. Book club is always fun (a post on that coming up soon!), then dinner, which my son didn’t want to eat.

I feel quite accomplished with today. Is it time for bed yet?



Bucket by Bucket of ROCKS!

With the trees and all of the grass!

With the trees and all of the grass!

Another project that I’ve been wanting to do for YEARS. . . The back corner of where 4 yards meet can get mushy and add that huge green electrical box and that equals some serious ugly.  This past summer our neighbors decided to put in a wooden fence within a few inches of our wrought iron fence, giving me a sort of a back drop.  Finally, a chance to do some work!

It only took A LOT of back power and a few days of work to get it done.  First, I had all of the lines marked.  Couldn’t risk “accidentally” digging up a power line!  Next, I put in the trees prior to a rain storm to capitalize on the good moisture. I only added two that should get quite large, which is why I gave them plenty of growing room.  I have a mum in a bicycle planter and a lavender plant and then transplanted two lilies that Cooper has enjoyed sitting on.  One damp morning I put in the trim.  I had bought it a few years ago when I first had the idea for this project only recently my oldest son decided he was going to cut it up to make an outdoor guinea pig pen.  Oh well, I took it back and used it along the side edge.  After a Pinterest tip of using newspapers as weed block (yeah for more $ savings!), I commenced moving buckets and buckets and buckets and buckets and buckets and buckets . . .  of rocks from underneath to the deck to this area.  The only cost I incurred on this project was the trees, approximately $20 after my Lowe’s discount.

Cooper was "helping".

Cooper was “helping”.

The lighting wasn't so great when I finally got around to finishing the last few bucket fulls. And Buddy photo-bombed the picture, too!

The lighting wasn’t so great when I finally got around to finishing the last few bucket fulls. And Buddy photo-bombed the picture, too!

The next day final shot. So pretty!  Looking forward to watching the trees grow! (cross fingers hoping my lack of a green thumb doesn't make them all DIE!)

The next day final shot. So pretty! Looking forward to watching the trees grow! (cross fingers hoping my lack of a green thumb doesn’t make them all DIE!)

I finished up by moving my plants and ‘Love’ frock from the deck into this area as well as a bird bath we’ve had for years that’s so old it doesn’t even hold water anymore. No worries! I can always put something else on it!  I’m sure it’ll be a work in progress until the trees grow and with seasonal flowers but for now I’m enjoying the lack of soggy, muddy dog paws and not having to edge around that stupid green box!  And some even better news, although I knew I would be sore the next day, I didn’t injure my back (my legs were sore from proper lifting techniques) and I got an awesome cross-training workout!